Welcome to the familymemo website and thank you for checking out this blog. Often I will be going about my daily activities and have random thoughts to do with the recording, sharing and preserving of life stories and moments. A lot of this stems from, I’m sure, having children and not wanting to forget how they develop and express themselves throughout the various stages and ages of their lives. But then there are also those unexpected times that trigger thoughts like the passing of family members or friends, seeing a picture or person that sparks memories of places or times gone by, or even a simple conversation with someone. The catalysts to my thoughts are endless and it is these random thoughts and other insights and information I happen to come across that I would like to share via this blog. I invite you to reply with any thoughts the posts trigger for you that you would like to share in return. I hope you find the posts thought provoking, enjoyable reading and supportive of your own efforts to record, share and preserve life moments and stories.

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