About Family Memo

Family Memo’s mission is to bring together an online international community of people with the shared interest of recording, sharing and preserving life moments and stories - recording all facets of life and using all manner of recording.


Family Memo hopes to grow this online community by bringing together tools, information, resources, inspiration, encouragement and a forum for community participation and feedback.


About the Founder

Jennifer with her husband and three childrenThe founder of Family Memo is Jennifer Gibby who is passionate about the recording of life stories and moments. Jennifer’s husband Paul and her three young children inspire her every day to follow her dreams to make Family Memo not only a reality but a website to be proud of, culminating in a community for likeminded people.


Jennifer’s interest in life stories comes from everyday observations - partly healthy curiosity, but mostly from interest in the course people’s lives have taken. When you are born the possibilities are endless. Then day by day the pavers on your path are laid. Every decision changes the direction of that path. So for Jennifer, there is an innate curiosity about the mosaic that makes up people’s lives. From the corporate executive to the successful or not so successful entrepreneur, to the street vendor or homeless person – what is their story?


On a more personal level Jennifer can draw on many situations in her own life which reinforce her drive to encourage everyone to record, share and preserve not only their own life stories but that of those they love. She shares just a few of them here:


“My mum became ill several years back and I realized I didn't know her as a person, only as my mum. If I don’t take the time to learn about her and her life (particularly the period in her life before she became mum) then one day the chance to do this in person will have passed.”


“I saw my great uncle a week before he passed away in a nursing home - he was sad not to be living with family, very lonely in an unfamiliar place and regretful at not being by his wife's side when she had passed away - he had lost his will to live. If only someone could have been there more to help him celebrate and remember his life, he could have lived the end of his life in reminiscence and celebration and not alone in commiseration.”


“I had the fantastic fortune to record some stories of my Aunt’s life as she spoke about them several months before she passed away. This recording is such a treasure.”


“I have a lovely friend that feels saddened on the anniversary of her mum’s death each year. I would just love to see her celebrating, remembering and sharing her mum's life in beautiful and memory provoking ways all year long or on memorable occasions like her mum’s birthday or her mums wedding anniversary.”


"More recently, my beautiful niece was tragically taken from our lives at 20 years of age. It is amazing how much you can learn about someone's magnificence after they are gone. The suddeness of this tragedy was a stark reminder not to take life for granted - to ask people about their past and present life journey, to help people celebrate their achievements along the way both big and small, and to encourage people to reach for their dreams and have fun doing so."


You may relate via your own personal experiences to some of these insights above, but I’m sure you have had many more moments of your own just like this. I would love to hear from you, email.


Jennifer Gibby