Risk of Cloud Evaporation

Man-contemplating-the-clouds-in-front-of-laptop_cloud-storage-risksThere are countless people who depend immensely on technology to store various types of data. Data could include important contact details, bank details, credit card details, personal diaries, music and the all precious photos. Considering the importance of this data individuals prefer backing up their data onto the latest frenzy in the computer world, cloud storage. Despite the promises of the cloud providers that you can save your precious data for eternity there are numerous issues you must be concerned about.


The last two years saw the emergence of cloud storage, the frenzy surrounding it and many cloud providers, including the pioneering company Cassatt which started it all, suddenly evaporating. The risk of cloud evaporation can occur due to a number of reasons ranging from problems in providing the service, the cloud provider going bankrupt and the sudden attacks on the cloud storage which causes loss of data. Hence your data stored even on the best cloud providers is not all that ‘safe’. Apart from the privacy and control issues that plagued the cloud providers many consumers are worried, and with reason, as to what would happen to their data in case the cloud suddenly evaporates.


The previous instances of the cloud evaporating saw many consumers in the lurch which gave rise to the API called Cloud Data Management by Storage Networking Industry Association's Technical Work Group being developed. However there is another growing concern. What if you happen to miss two or three monthly rentals for the cloud storage? The missing of payments might be deliberate or otherwise but whatever the reason you do end up losing all your data stored on cloud storage since the provider will erase the data and replace it with another user’s data who is willing to make timely payments. Hence there is more than one reason to be worried about depending immensely on such web based programs to organize and store the data for you.


The issues of privacy and control have always plagued cloud providers but the risk of cloud evaporation has given many companies, experts and users sleepless nights like never before. Hence it might be prudent to consider making several copies of your precious personal data in addition to storing the data in cloud storage. So in case you do happen to lose one medium of storage you have another to keep your memorabilia safe for your own use or for the future generations of your family.

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