Worst Case Scenario

Thumbs-up-to-storage-networking-industy-assocs-cdmiThere are countless web based programs available on the internet which allows the average computer user to complete many tasks with just a single click. This involves organizing files and folders on the computer to storing the precious personal files and folders which often contain priceless digitized journals and even countless photos. The requirement of convenient, affordable and safe storage options for these precious memorabilia gave rise to the home version of many cloud storage offers. Despite the huge frenzy surrounding cloud storage, the many incidents of data loss as well as blackouts in the biggest names in the cloud storage industry has given rise to many doubts.


Cassatt was the first company to begin the cloud storage frenzy and the current financial condition of this pioneer has done nothing to allay the many doubts that have risen. Instead the predicament of the pioneering company, Cassatt has given rise to many more doubts. In the initial stages of cloud computing many users took it for granted that even in the worst case scenario that their cloud provider did evaporate their precious data would automatically be shifted to the storage facility of another provider. Though this notion is partially correct the users themselves have to move the data manually.


This means that the users who have no clue about their cloud provider evaporating will suddenly realize that they have lost their precious photos, music and other personal files forever. Hence it is important that users stay up to date about the various happenings regarding their cloud provider. Like Cassatt even Amazon’s cloud storage services experienced numerous problems and rumors floated around which almost spelled the end of cloud services from Amazon. Though the service provider has since survived the rumors, it gave rise to the application programming interface (API) called Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association's Technical Work Group. The Cloud Data Management interface is basically a blueprint that cloud storage companies must adhere to for the operation of their cloud storage services including their capabilities, administration and access.


This API will automatically inform all users in the case a cloud provider is all set to evaporate so that users can conveniently shift their data from one cloud provider to another. Despite the development of the API, vendors cannot shift the data of their customers and hence the customers themselves have to opt for another cloud provider and then arrange for the transfer of the data.


Though the cloud providers promise eternal storage of your precious memorabilia it is best to stay abreast of the latest news so that you are ready to shift your data when the need arises in the worst case scenario.

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