Jane Fonda’s Prime Time

jane-fonda-cannes-film-festival-2011Prime Time is the best-selling memoir of the famous Hollywood actress, Jane Fonda. The daughter of Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour, Fonda has portrayed many roles in her long and lustrous Hollywood career. In a span of over 40 years Jane Fonda has been an award winning actress with two Academy Awards to her credit, political activist, and writer with two bestselling books under her name as well as a fitness guru. Jane Fonda’s first claim to fame was her two films Cat Ballou and Barbarella in the 1960s.


Early Years


Jane Fonda, born as Lady Jane Seymour Fonda, was born on December 21, 1937 in New York City. Jane Fonda began her career in the field of arts at a very young age of 15 with a teaching position in a dance school in New York. Fonda pursued her education in the Emma Willard School but soon dropped out to pursue a career in modeling. Since her very first years in modeling Jane Fonda has been featured twice on the cover of the prestigious Vogue magazine.


Acting Career


Jane Fonda’s acting career took off with the critically acclaimed movies of Ballou and Barbarella in the 1960s. Fonda was also extremely successful on the Broadway stage where she successfully recreated many of her film roles into popular plays. In 1962 Jane Fonda won her first Golden Globe award for her heart rending role as a prostitute in Walk on the Wild Side. Jane Fonda went on to win her first Academy Award nomination with the role in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? in 1969. This first Academy Award nomination however did not win her the coveted statue but in 1971 Jane Fonda got her first taste of the coveted golden statuette with her role in Klute.


Jane Fonda over the years continued to perform in many award winning movies which won her numerous awards and nominations. In the early 1980s Fonda retired from acting and took up a career as a fitness guru. During this time Fonda released many exercise videos starring herself. She subsequently claims however that she could not stay away from the arc lights for very long and soon returned to acting in 2005 with the smash hit Monster-in-Law.


Since then Fonda has been making a splash in tabloids and newspapers all across the world with her still youthful charm, fantastic sense of style and strong acting prowess.

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