Star Soprano

luciano-pavarottiWe don’t know where our life will take us when we are born or even while we are on our life’s journey. This is a brief look at the life of Luciano Pavarotti from his humble beginnings to becoming a star tenor.


Luciano Pavarotti was born in Modena, Italy on October 12, 1935. Tenor Pavarotti is lauded for the fact that he helped spread the popularity of opera beyond the borders of Italy. Luciano Pavarotti was also known for his larger than life shows which help garner thousands as spectators and appreciative audiences worldwide to spread the charm of opera.


Early Years


Luciano Pavarotti was born in the outskirts of Modena, Italy, his father a baker and an amateur singer. Though in later years the tenor recalled his childhood fondly he also remembers wanting to earn more money for his family so that they could move out of their crowded two room house. Tenor Pavarotti chose to follow his passion of football. However in due course Pavarotti found himself enjoying his father’s recordings more than he enjoyed football. He decided to pursue his new found interest in opera and joined his father, singing in the Sunday Church choir. He also academically pursued his interest in music along with his friend Mirella Freni who later went on to become a star soprano himself.


As Pavarotti progressed through his teenage years his love for music became stronger and at the age of 20 years he traveled to Wales for an international music competition along with a choir group. Needless to say that the group stood first in the competition and tenor Pavarotti was ‘discovered’ in the music world.


Musical Debut


This ‘discovery’ led to tenor Pavarotti instantly abandoning what had become his career, school teaching, and dedicated his life to singing. He went on to debut in La Boheme at the Teatro Municipale in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1961 and never looked back. He made his first international appearance in La traviata in Belgrade, Serbia.


Later Years


Tenor Pavarotti was soon touring across the globe. He also appeared in numerous films over the years of his career and published an autobiography.


Tenor Pavarotti is also known for his highly successful collaborations with other stars like Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo. Tenor Pavarotti also believed in reinventing himself every few years which led to collaborations with rock and pop stars like Celine Dion, U2 and the Spice Girls.


Tenor Pavarotti enjoyed a long lustrous career which came to a tragic end on September 6, 2007. However he shall always be remembered as the man who introduced us to opera.

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