How to Have a Reflective Conversation with Your Partner

young-couple-relaxing-reflective-conversationWhile dating or being married to your partner can make you think you know your partner very well you will be surprised to know new things about them even after sharing a decade of your lives together. The key to finding out new things about your partner is to have informal conversations which turn into reflective conversations and help build stronger relationships. However while having conversations with a partner it is not uncommon for women in particular to feel that their partner does not wish to engage in the reflective conversations but instead they state something profoundly simple which they call deep thus often ending the conversation prematurely.


Hence while it is taken for granted that the men have a tendency to simplify their feelings in comparison to women it can be helpful if both the partners provide an insight into their minds regularly to each other for long lasting relationships. Men hence need to open up about their fears and insecurities and you will be surprised at how much you begin to enjoy the conversation. Reflective conversations between partners must involve both listening and talking. Hence just as men may need to open up, their partner also needs to listen.


To have a reflective conversation the partners must choose a setting in which both of them are comfortable. Home might be the best place to have reflective conversations or you can have the conversations in a restaurant you both love. Being confident is another tip to having reflective conversations with your partner. You must be confident in one another to understand each other’s problems, fears, insecurities as well differing perspectives. However ensure that although it is nice to have deep and reflective conversations with your partner do not expect every conversation to turn into a reflective conversation.


Having reflective conversations is a nice and constructive way to get to know each other but you must also learn to build and act on the conversations. If you wish the reflective conversations to continue then you must act on them. If for example your partner reveals their longing for a relaxing holiday then surprise them with a holiday package. This also helps communicate that you were paying attention to what your partner was saying and that you do care about their likes, dislikes and wishes.


So start having meaningful reflective conversations with your partner today to build the foundation for a beautiful and lasting relationship.

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