Share Your Story in Real Time

Photo-album-as-laptop-monitor_web-sharingThe growing usage of various social networking websites has given a new twist to the idea of sharing vacation photographs. Now you and your family do not have to wait to get back to develop the photographs and then share the same with friends and family. Instead you can now provide real time updates about your vacation to friends and family and also instantly share the photographs the minute you click them. The numerous social networking websites and internet connectivity on almost all our gadgets ensures that we upload the vacation photos instantly and also provide interesting narratives along with them.


Choosing a Social Networking Website


With the countless social networking websites available coupled with the fact that an average web user has user accounts on at least 5 social networking websites you can now streamline as well as categorize the updates about your vacation. If you wish to upload only the photos and let the stunning photos of your vacation do the talking you can instantly upload the images to the photo only social networking websites like Picasa and Flickr. You can then link these uploads to your Facebook or Twitter profile page and provide short narratives about the photos. Linking the uploaded images will also allow your friends and family members to comment on the photos.


Photo Editing


Most of the social networking websites also allow for editing your photos on the fly. So you do not have to worry about nitpicking friends or relatives picking up minor faults on your photos. You can comfortably correct the minor blurs, deficiency of lighting as well as correct those annoying red eyes. You can also select the automatic editing feature and all you need to do is upload the photos, the software will correct the flaws and then publish them on the website.


The advances in technology now also allow web users to upload video diaries immediately. So in case you feel that your images do not do justice to the beauty surrounding you, upload a video instantly. There are countless web users on the various social networking websites who have chronicled their cycling tours, trekking tours and exotic vacations in real time.


So the next time you are heading out for a fabulous vacation do not forget your digital camera, web camera, laptop, handheld and of course a standalone internet connection to make your travel experience a shared and fun filled experience along with friends and family who could not accompany you.

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